Me and my passion

Born in Rome in 1993, I have a diploma and a passion: since childhood I’ve been fascinated by makeup, beauty and fashion.

I’m a recognised makeup artist in the Lazio region, I possess a Master in Fashion, have assisted famous hairdressers and have collaborated with Altaroma Altamoda: the reference event for fashion and the Made in Italy. I love to travel because, in this line of work, curiosity and the desire to know the new trends are crucial to grow and improve. I love team play because talent is born through collaboration and through the continuous update in fashion (ever changing) and beauty (remaining).


Works and Collaborations


2014, October 14th Runway for AltaRoma AltaModa San Andres – Hair Stylist with Federico Faragalli L’OREAL

2014, July 29th Runway for AltaRoma AltaModa Gaetano Navarra – Fashion makeup

2015, January 30th Runway for AltaRoma AltaModa Ettore Bilotta – Hair Stylist with Federico Faragalli L’OREAL

2015, July 10th Runway for AltaRoma AltaModa – Fashion makeup for AntonGiulio Grande with Studio 13

2015, July 15th Runway for AltaRoma AltaModa – Fashion makeup for emerging designer with Studio 13

2015, July 15th Runway for AltaRoma AltaModa – Fashion makeup for Barbara Stefanelli

2015, July 18th and 19th Kids Face painting for Max Animazione

2015, September 20th Runway for Miss Degradé joelle coiffeurs – Fashion makeup

2015, September 3rd and 24th Burlesque makeup teacher at Studio 13

2016, January 29th Runway for AltaRoma AltaModa – Fashion makeup for Miao Ran with Studio 13

2016, January 31st Runway for AltaRoma AltaModa –Fashion makeup for  Giuseppe di Morabito with  Studio 13

2016, February 6th Event – Carnival makeup with Hair Stylist Cristiano Russo

2016, February 26th Event Planet Roma – Cinematographic makeuo

2016, September 20th Bridal makeup

2016, October 1st Bridal makeup

2016, October 16th Bridal makeup


 15.07.14 Shooting – Fashion makeup for UNLACE (shoe shop)

11.04.15 Shooting – Fashion makeup for IED (European Design Institute)

19.04.15 Shooting – Fashion makeup for RAINOLDI DEVENIR (bag designer)

20.04.15 Shooting – Fashion makeup for IED (European Design Institute)

11.05.15 Shooting – Fashion makeup forIED (European Design Institute)

18.05.15 Shooting – Fashion makeup for RAINOLDI DEVENIR (bag designer)

3.06.15 Shooting – Fashion makeup for RAINOLDI DEVENIR (bag designer)

15.06.15 Shooting – Fashion makeup for Angelo Cricchi, photographer

8.07.15 Shooting – Fashion makeup for  IED (European Design Institute)

9.09.15 Shooting –Fashion makeup for Danilo Bucchi, artist

5.10.15 Shooting – Fashion makeup Mauro Petito, photographer and Valentina Principi, model

1.02.16 Shooting – Fashion makeup for IED (European Design Institute)

23.04.16 Twelve fashion shooting for J-ONE jewel in collaboration with the following designers: Toi et Moi, Serena Lucaccioni, Flaminia Barosini, Dimitri Porri, Ilaria Trimarchi, Nicoletta Passarelli, Giulia Boccafogli, Cheng Ming, Laura Forte, Coro e Raissa Risivi

26.03.16 Shooting – Fashion makeup for per Lisa Pepe, photographer

21.05.16 Shooting – Fashion makeup for IED (European Design Institute)

27.06.16 Shooting – Fashion makeup for IED (European Design Institute)

20.07.16 Shooting – Fashion makeup for Bagheera

24.10.16 Shooting – Fashion makeup for Alberto Bianco, photographer


9.04.15  Video The Age of Adeline, WAY TO BLUE

30.04.15 Video  Fashion make up IED (European Design Institute)

30e31.05.15 Special effects and Hair Stylist for the TV program ULISSE – RAI

16.6.15 TV make up for SKY  GOLD TV (Generazione di fenomeni)

23.04.16 Short film Ashissa – Make up special effects and beauty for Dario Almerighi, Director

25.05.16 Video advertising for Danhera with Magdalena Grochowska – directed by Mauro Petito

Curriculum Vitae